Design and Test For Perfection
Who we are

Caliber Interconnects (CIS)

Empowering you through Innovation

We are a Product Engineering Solutions company with a proven track record of offering integrated product engineering solutions for major global players in diverse industries like Semiconductor, Avionics, Railways, Industrial, IOT (Internet of Things). Our Technology expertise are:

  • Embedded Product Engineering & Board Design
  • Hardware Simulation and IC/SIP Packaging solutions
  • Wearable Devices & Automotive
  • Clean energy based Medical and Military designs
Motto & Purpose

Design and Test for Perfection

Our main purpose is:

  • Creating products and services of immense value
  • Harnessing innovation,engineering talent
  • Effective quality conscious practices
Principles and Priorities

Core Values

Frugal Yet High-quality Solutions

“Our vision is to make a positive difference in the society by developing and applying technological solutions at a cost-effective value. We also aim to provide high-quality, innovative smart products and services to uplift the living standards of our next generations.”

Long-term Relationship

“Our mission is to build a long-term customer friendly relationship, by striving to provide full-scale solutions throughout the whole product life cycle, directing via breakthrough technology and engineering design services, also with our boosted worldwide on-time delivery chain and world-class quality services.”

Building Mutual Trust

“We adhere to the highest by always accomplishing integrity, accountability and establishing rapport. Mutual trust takes effort on both sides of the relationship, and CIS is eager to take the initial step by demonstrating that we are a trustworthy firm.”

Originality And Innovativeness

“We encourage innovation by tackling problems head on, coming up with creative solutions, and continuing to learn in order to improve. CIS has always valued originality and innovation, that is one of the main reasons behind our success. We are dedicated to retain the unique approach that distinguishes us from the competition.”

Customer-Centric Approach

“We value our customers dedicatedly in our each move. In the end, we strive to meet our customer’s expectation with all our products and services. CIS interact and listen to the clients in order to better comprehend how to help one another.”

Nurturing Talent

“We thrive in a competitive environment. We despise losing, therefore we push ourselves to be excellent all of the time. We put our money into the most promising prospects for long-term growth. We acquire, educate, and maintain the best individuals in order to remain successful.”

CIS's Commitment

Our Policies and Practices

We at CIS recognize our responsibility towards society and the need to protect and sustain our environment for the benefit of our posterity. Our commitment for environment has permeated the entire organization and impacts all our business decisions. 'We believe growing our business and building a sustainable earth can go hand in hand.'

Promoting environmental management

  • We put our best efforts to recycle and reuse natural resources through out our organization.
  • We encourage all workforce to conserve energy and to give preference to renewable energy.
  • We strive unceasingly to improve environmental management through internal audits and reviews.
  • We comply with all laws and regulations, industry guidelines and we have set a benchmark in safeguarding the interest of environment.
  • We continuously measure the impacts of our business activities and consciously do course corrections if warranted.
  • We build pro-environment products and services which contribute actively to the reduction of environmental impacts throughout their life cycles.

  Our commitment as a environmentally responsible company

  • We will do our bit in building a greener planet through our Eco-friendly business approach, which includes the development and deployment of environmentally conscious technologies and products.
  • We are committed to steer all our efforts and energy to serve the interest of environment in all our business dealings.

CIS is committed to exceeding customer expectations through timely delivery of cost effective quality designs through continuous improvement of our process and performance.

The EU General Data Protection Regulation (“GDPR”) dated 25th May 2018, specifies the major changes laid by the government in the past two decades. The regulations are primarily related to data, safeguarding its privacy as and when used by organizations. GDPR is an EU-wide privacy and data protection law that regulates how EU residents' data is protected by companies and enhances the control the EU residents have, over their personal data. The GDPR law applies to any globally operating company dealing with EU-based businesses and EU residents. Our Commitment CIS committed to safeguarding the data of our customers in both static and transit form. We have always taken the cause of data protection seriously, having established stringent policies to make sure that our customers’ data confidentiality is maintained in compliance with the Law. We at CIS are cognizant of the new regulations as imposed by the GDPR compliance. The statement includes the steps, procedures, measures, and policies undertaken by all in our Organization. We make sure that we abide by the GDPR policies emphasizing on the security and the data protection act. Our customers’ data are important irrespective of where they are located, which is why we have implemented GDPR controls as our baseline standard for all our operations Worldwide.   We Adhere To DATA COLLECTION WITH CONSENT We request our customers to provide relevant data to support the project. The data are then transferred in secured FTP path and stored in local server with the highest security mechanisms. We take immense care of data when they are transferred from one location to another. We make sure that the data is encrypted and accessed only by an authorized individual. We conduct strict due diligence checks to identify that data are safe and the information is well-protected. DATA PROTECTION The main purpose of GDPR compliance is to ensure that all data held by the organization is secured and protected. We have put necessary security measures in place and constantly monitor and pre-empt any possible security breach. DATA RETENTION & ERASURE CIS follows an effective retention policy in a manner that aids in data minimization and storage limitation. We further state that our clients’ data is stored effectively and when not required, they are destroyed compliantly and ethically.

Our Employees health and well-being are of supreme importance to us. Our working environment and work culture brings the best in our employees to be successful both in professional and personal fronts. Opportunities for accelerating career growth have been constantly made available for the employees through training programs, by working in challenging projects or by working in on-site assignments. Yoga sessions, Meditation and other sports sessions have also been offered to encourage them to stay fit physically as well as psychologically.

We offer a wide range of high quality cost effective design solutions and products, developed through cutting edge research & technology and consistent innovation to serve our customers, who come from diverse industries from different parts of the world. We are always on the lookout to add value to our customers by continuously adopting ourselves to the advancements of technology and the rapid changes in society. We value our relationship with customers greatly and we are committed to forever grow that bond even stronger for the years to come.

We have a state-of-the-art work space equipped with ultra-modern facility that enables our 550+ employees to get into their groove and deliver their best to delight our customers in all possible ways. As an Eco-friendly company, we try our best to reuse natural resources and rely on green energy to build a sustainable planet for the future.

EMPLOYEE DISCLOSURE AGREEMENT We are committed to safeguard and protect information and data that each client provide during the developmental process to enable us to produce the intended outcome. We are grateful for our clients trust and take utmost care to guard the confidentiality of data shared by our customers. EMPLOYEE NON-DISCLOSURE AGREEMENT Each of our employees signs a NDA which forbids the employee from disclosing any information related with any of our customers at any time.

We believe business is all about adding value to stakeholders. We focus on building long term business relationships with customers through thick and thin beyond the vagaries of the market.