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Visual Detector

KEN QA is a versatile and user-friendly tool that is built on the KEN AI platform. It enables a wide range of applications, including the development of automotive artificial intelligence, and can be employed to train, annotate, and deploy AI models that ensure the accuracy and reliability of manufacturing processes.


Our AI, KEN QA, is an example of artificial intelligence application areas designed to enhance the existing infrastructure by using image-processing algorithms that analyze incidents captured on camera. This approach ensures that the system is intuitive and eliminates the possibility of any lapses. KEN QA extracts necessary data from the images, performs crucial inspections, and ultimately makes informed decisions. The output of the system is typically conveyed through discrete I/O signals or transmitted over a serial connection to either a tool that logs statistics or to facilitate the next action.

Key Features

KEN QA is an automated quality compliance tool that utilizes artificial intelligence latest technology to streamline the inspection process of visible quality issues on assembly lines in manufacturing plants. This tool aims to minimize the time and effort required for inspections. Its key features include a quick deployment process that can be utilized with off-the-shelf cameras and other visual tools, such as ultrasound and X-ray. Customers have the flexibility to train the AI based on specific cues, and its seamless deployment and customizable user interface make it easy to integrate with pre-existing systems. Overall, KEN QA provides an efficient and effective solution to quality inspection in manufacturing plants.


Revolutionary AI Platform: Our smart surveillance system offers an intuitive and user-friendly interface to simplify the complex process of working with deep learning algorithms across various frameworks

Effortless Customization: Our advanced AutoML feature enables the platform to automatically design a deep learning model tailored to your unique data-set, eliminating the need for manual model design.

Streamlined Performance: With KEN AI, you'll have access to a high-performing model that runs in just a few seconds, providing you with fast and reliable results.

Flexible Service Options: KEN AI gives you the freedom to choose the level of service that best suits your needs, whether you're an individual researcher or a large-scale enterprise.

SMART Video Surveillance System

Our world-class infrastructure and advanced technologies enable us to deliver integrated product engineering solutions to global semiconductor chipset companies.

KEN - VISION - A Realtime Smart Video Security Solution

CIS offers KEN-VISION, an AI-powered video surveillance software/hardware solution for businesses of all sizes. KEN-VISION uses advanced machine learning algorithms to detect critical and dangerous events, alerting users to potential threats to people and property. KEN-VISION can be integrated with any brand of surveillance IP cameras and encoders. The product continuously learns and improves by identifying what users care about and their user patterns, tailoring its alerts and summaries accordingly.

KEN - VISION Unique Features

KEN-VISION is a highly flexible solution that can be customized to meet the specific needs of businesses.

Unlike other video surveillance solutions, KEN-VISION is not dependent on specific hardware, making it compatible with all cameras regardless of brand or make.

KEN-VISION offers both on-premises and cloud deployment options, ensuring that clients can choose the best option for their needs.

KEN-VISION takes weather into account as one of the many variables that can impact surveillance, providing a more comprehensive and accurate picture of events.

KEN-VISION Surveillance Solution With Hardware

Cutting-edge Surveillance solution using AI and deep learning techniques for enhanced security measures

Newly designed hardware with advanced features such as color and sharpness correction and crop-to-zoom capabilities

Cameras can be deployed using wired and wireless IoT devices, including sensors, making it versatile

Improved clarity of up to 30 MP for higher accuracy in detecting anomalies

Real-time analysis of facial and gait recognition for enhanced biometric monitoring capabilities

New cameras deliver exceptional clarity and performance compared to the previous hardware with low clarity of 5 MP.

KEN-VISION Advantage

KEN-VISION adds AI capability to the current system

Existing system is not discarded, KEN-VISION has additional login for AI

Works with wired and wireless cameras of different brands and models

Enables auto escalation based on criticality of the situation

Self-learning, improves over years

Proprietary with focus on scaling up, provisions to add more devices in the future.