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Caliber’s Autonomous Mobile Robot CAMR

Experience the transformative power of the Autonomous Mobile Robot (AMR) as it revolutionizes industries. With its self-navigating capabilities, the AMR effortlessly performs tasks, freeing up human resources for more complex responsibilities acting as an automated material handling system. Ideal for manufacturing, warehousing, logistics, healthcare, and hospitality sectors, the AMR utilizes cutting-edge sensors and scanners to handle inventory checks, track stock levels, and locate items within facilities. Whether controlled by onboard computers or a centralized system, the AMR ensures reliability and durability. Integrate the AMR into your operations and unlock streamlined processes, increased efficiency, and enhanced profitability. Embrace automation and propel your business to new heights with the AMR.


The system employs a laser-based SLAM (Simultaneous Localization and Mapping) algorithm to create grid maps of the environment. It collects laser and pose data from mobile robots to generate these maps

Graphical User Interface (GUI) Provides

The graphical user interface (GUI) provides plant modeling, plant visualization, and CAMR (Collaborative Autonomous Mobile Robot) positioning. It also enables tracking of the live position of CAMRs, their working conditions, and future paths/routes. The GUI provides server/client-based feedback messages about goal request and goal result states (such as pending, active, succeed, aborted, recalling, lost, preemptive, and more). Additionally, the GUI allows for monitoring of the battery status and health. The batteries can self-recharge at the nearest available recharge points through the GUI without human intervention.

AMR’S Capabilities
Material Handling Made Easier

AMRs reduce the need for human workers to perform physically demanding tasks. With AMRs, businesses can optimize their material handling processes, saving time and improving productivity

Optimized Inventory Management

AMRs can perform inventory checks, track stock levels, and locate items within a facility. This automation allows businesses to keep accurate records of their inventory and reduce the risk of stockouts

Enhanced Security Measures

AMRs can patrol buildings and grounds, providing surveillance and monitoring for potential security breaches. This can give businesses peace of mind knowing that their facilities are being monitored 24/7

Efficient Cleaning Processes

AMRs can perform routine cleaning tasks such as vacuuming and floor scrubbing. This frees up human workers to focus on more complex tasks and ensures that facilities are always clean and hygienic

Streamlined Delivery Systems

AMRs can deliver items within a facility, such as meals in a hospital or linens in a hotel. This automation optimizes the delivery process and ensures timely delivery


Obstacle detection

Emergency stop

LED Indication (Light)