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Electric Vehicle Charging

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Electric Vehicle Charging

Electric vehicles are becoming more and more common these days. With the growing demand for Electric vehicles, the charging infrastructure is critical for sustaining the E-Mobility services. CIS offers innovative and smart charging solutions to address the charging infrastructure challenge.

  • Intelligent EVSES
  • Green Powered EVSES
  • Cloud Based EVSES

Our Solutions And Services

We design, develop and integrate all of the technology that powers your EV charging infrastructure needs. Our unique combination of expertise in hardware, firmware and application software helps us in design the charger in a reliable and modular way, integrate the smart and intelligent firmware and connect the EVSEs to the cloud for remote monitoring and control.

  • Intelligent EVSES
  • Level-1 Portable AC Charger
  • Level-2 Commercial AC Charger

EV Charging Modes And Levels

An electric vehicle can be charged either through AC or DC.While charging the EV in AC charging mode, the AC power supply is directly connected to the EV.

  • The onboard charger converts the AC to DC and charges the battery through the BMS(Battery Management System)
  • In DC charging mode, AC to DC conversion is carried out in the offboard charging equipment and DC is directly applied to the battery through BMS
  • Both AC and DC charging modes have their own advantages and disadvantages

Level-1 Portable AC Charger

With our in-depth experience in power electronics and embedded product design, we build intelligence in our EVSEs to smartly manage the power delivery. Our smart and intelligent EVSEs handshake with the EV, continuously monitors the power delivery and disconnects the power delivery on detecting any fault conditions. We provide energy-efficient and cost-effective EVSEs solutions both for residential and commercial uses.

  • The level-1 portable AC charger is designed for residential use, and it can be installed at home or carried with the EV
  • It is designed to deliver 3.3KW power to the EV at 230V AC input and 15A current output
  • It is built with energy management and protection

Level-2 Commercial AC Charger

The level-2 commercial AC charger is designed for commercial use. It is designed to deliver 7.2KW power to the EV at 230V AC input and 32A current output. It is built with energy management, protection, payment options and connectivity. The Level 2 AC charger is also designed to have 3 AC outlets to charge three electric vehicles at a time with the total power capacity of 22KW.

Cloud Based Charging Station Management (CSM) & Mobile App

Our cloud based charging station management platform is developed to network and manage multiple charging stations.The CSM is designed and developed with the following features:

  • Open charge point protocol 2.0
  • Platform to manage the charging stations
  • Interoperable with multiple vendor’s charging station
  • Innovation with open standard
  • Focus on driver convenience
  • Locating and reserving charging stations with a mobile app
  • Billing & access control