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Electric Vehicle Charging

With the rise of electric vehicles and the increasing need for dependable EV charging station design and infrastructure, Caliber Interconnect is at the forefront of providing cutting-edge solutions. Our smart EV charging offerings support the development of sustainable E-Mobility services, meeting the growing demand in the industry.


Our comprehensive charging portfolio includes three innovative options such as intelligent EVSES, Green powered EVSES and cloud-based EVSES.

These solutions are specifically designed to address the unique challenges and requirements of charging of electric vehicles. With caliber Interconnect charging solutions, electric vehicle owners can enjoy convenient and reliable charging experiences while contributing to a greener future.

Our Solutions and Services

We specialize in designing, developing, and integrating cutting-edge technology to meet all your electric vehicle charging system infrastructure needs. Our expertise in hardware, firmware, and application software enables us to craft chargers that are both reliable and modular. We also excel in integrating intelligent firmware and connecting EVSEs (electric vehicle supply equipment) to the cloud for remote monitoring and control.Our range of offerings includes Intelligent EVSEs, Level-1 Portable AC Chargers, and Level-2 Commercial AC Chargers.

  • Intelligent EVSES
  • Level-1 portable AC charger
  • Level-2 commercial AC charger

EV Charging Modes and Levels

Charging an electric vehicle is possible through either AC or DC. In AC charging mode, the EV is directly connected to an AC power supply. The onboard charger transforms the AC power to DC and charges the battery via the BMS (Battery Management System).

Alternatively, in DC charging mode, the AC to DC conversion is performed by offboard charging equipment. The DC power is then applied directly to the battery via the BMS.

Each mode of charging has its advantages and disadvantages, which should be considered when selecting a charging method.

  • The onboard charger converts the AC to DC and charges the battery through the BMS(Battery Management System)
  • In DC charging mode, AC to DC conversion is carried out in the offboard charging equipment and DC is directly applied to the battery through BMS
  • Both AC and DC charging modes have their own advantages and disadvantages

Level-1 Portable AC Charger

Leveraging our extensive expertise in power electronics and embedded product design, we imbue our EVSEs with intelligence to expertly manage power delivery. Our intelligent EVSEs establish a handshake with the EV, continuously monitor power delivery, and instantly disconnect power in the event of any fault condition. We offer energy-efficient and cost-effective EVSE solutions for both residential and commercial use.

Our level-1 portable AC charger is ideal for residential applications and can be easily installed at home or transported with the EV. Capable of delivering 3.3KW power to the EV at 230V AC input and 15A current output, this charger is designed for optimal energy management and protection.

  • The level-1 portable AC charger is designed for residential use, and it can be installed at home or carried with the EV
  • It is designed to deliver 3.3KW power to the EV at 230V AC input and 15A current output
  • It is built with energy management and protection

Level-2 Commercial AC Charger

The level-2 commercial AC charger is designed for commercial use.It is designed to deliver 3.3KW power to the EV at 230V AC input and 15A current output and 7.2KW power to the EV at 230V AC input and 32A current output. It is built with energy management, protection, payment options and connectivity. The level 2 AC charger is designed to have 2 outlets to charge two electric vehicles at a time with the total power capacity of 11KW.

Cloud Based Charging Station Management (CSM) & Mobile App

Embark on a journey to the future of charging station management with our groundbreaking Cloud Based Charging Station Management (CSM) & mobile app solution. Prepare to revolutionize the way you effortlessly manage and network multiple charging stations with unparalleled ease and efficiency. Take the driver experience to new heights as our platform prioritizes convenience and accessibility. Seamlessly integrate and streamline operations with our comprehensive suite of features, while enjoying the flexibility and interoperability provided by open standards. From locating and reserving available charging stations to gaining complete control over billing and access, our CSM platform empowers you to elevate the charging experience for all.

  • Open charge point protocol 2.0 compatibility
  • A management platform for controlling charging stations
  • Interoperability with charging stations from various vendors
  • Innovative use of open standards
  • A driver-centric focus on convenience
  • A mobile app for locating and reserving charging stations
  • Billing and access control functionality