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Solar Inverter Energy Solutions

With more and more people searching for alternatives to fuel-based vehicles, solar power has emerged as a rapidly expanding and highly valuable energy sector. To meet this growing demand, Caliber Interconnects provides innovative solutions for a wide range of capacity requirements.

Service Overview

Experience technological excellence with our advanced products, precisely engineered to provide a flawless sine wave output with less than 2% total harmonic distortion (THD). Our exceptional design seamlessly accommodates a wide range of load types, including appliances, computers, and inverter drive motors. Safety remains paramount as our vigilant monitoring system continuously checks voltage levels, overload currents, and the status of solar panels, batteries, and AC output. Additionally, our advanced recovery check feature ensures secure error recovery for power switches (IGBTs) and monitors high temperature status for enhanced peace of mind.

Safety Check

Under and over voltage status of solar panel, battery and Ac output. Over load current status of output AC

Recovery Check

High temperature status and safer error recovery for power switches (IGBTs)

Monitoring / Maintenance

The inverter comes with an RS-485 serial communication port for remote control and monitoring through a computer.

Optional GPRS modem connectivity with a server is available for user operation and maintenance.

Excess power generated by on-grid models can be sold back into the grid for use by other customers.

Metering of solar power generated is possible, helping customers monitor and measure the inverter's performance for calculating commercial aspects of energy sale.

Inverter parameters such as voltages, currents, and power factor can be viewed on a large, high-resolution TFT display with a touch screen.

An optional module is available to adjust the orientation of the panel to track the sun effectively, maximizing the panel's power output.

Solar Inverter - Product Range

Single Phase Systems (Off-grid model): Our 5kW stand-alone inverters generate a smooth 230V 50Hz sine wave output, making them an excellent fit for small businesses and homes. We can customize the battery capacity according to your desired backup time.

Three Phase Systems (Off-grid model): Our 10kW standalone inverters produce a consistent 230V 50Hz sine wave output, making them a suitable choice for larger homes and industrial settings. We will provide the necessary battery capacity based on your specified backup time requirements.

Three Phase Systems (On-grid model): Our on-grid three-phase systems with grid storage generate a 3-ph 230V 50Hz sine wave output and have a 10kW capacity. These systems are ideal for apartment complexes, communities, hospitals, educational institutions, and industries. They can also be cascaded to generate a broad range of power, and any excess stored electricity can be sold.

Solar Pump Controller

Harness the power of the solar energy with our advanced solar pump controller. Designed to optimize the efficiency and performance of solar-powered water pumping systems, our controller seamlessly integrates solar energy and manages the operation of the pump. With intelligent features and robust controls, our solar pump controller ensures reliable and sustainable water supply, reducing energy costs and environmental impact. Experience superior control and maximize the benefits of solar energy with our technological solution.

Electrical Specifications:

Drive supply voltage : 250V DC to 800V DC

Input operation voltage : 460V DC to 750V DC

Output voltage : 380V AC - 480V AC, 3 Phase

Output current : 12.5A

Output power : 3.7KW (5 hp)


Built-in MPPT function to maximize solar power and pump performance

Enables higher utilization via RPM and gain adjustment

Displays information on temperature, input voltage, motor current, and RPM

Provides indication of motor status, faults, and solar presence

Connectivity options include remote monitoring and configuration of the drive using GPRS, and isolated connectivity through a UART port


Reverse polarity

Under voltage (480V)

Overload (80A)

Short circuit

Over temperature

Vertical Green Farming

Indoor farming can be challenging due to limited space, water shortages, labor scarcity, and extreme weather conditions. At Caliber Interconnects, we offer an IoT-based smart farming solution that provides your farm with the infrastructure needed to leverage advanced technology. Our solution allows you to track, monitor, analyze, and automate your operations in real-time. Additionally, we provide expertise in cultivation to help maximize your yields.

Technology in Agriculture

While there have been many advances in science and technology, their potential in farming has yet to be fully realized. However, by leveraging technology, we can address the challenges associated with conventional agriculture and mitigate the impact of process-induced toxins.

Solution -> Integration of greenhouse farming, roof gardening & vertical farming techniques is effectively driven by the app.


The electronic system controls temperature, light, and humidity in the greenhouse

The intelligent app enables remote control of the system to adjust for variations in water feeding and weather

The system monitors plant growth and continuously measures soil and sand quality 

The app provides advice on critical mineral supply to ensure optimal plant growth

With our greenhouse, you can grow tropical and subtropical organic vegetables and spinach

Our system allows for the production of bio-fertilizers, liquid form minerals, and advanced sand preparation and conditioning techniques


Vertical farming with technology allows for efficient use of space, while concentrated feeding of water, minerals, and fertilizers reduces growing costs

Greenhouse utilizes polycarbonate roofing sheets that filter heat, creating a healthy growing environment for plants year-round

To optimize temperature and humidity for plant growth, our system includes cooling pads and foggers that create the ideal growing conditions

Farming as Industry

Year-round cultivation with higher yield

Suitable for large and small-scale growers

Allows both organic & inorganic techniques

Concentrated farming saves water & nutrients