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Induction Lighting

Induction Lighting system offers good efficiency and long life versus other choices. Induction lamps have the longest life of any light source commercially available nowadays.

Induction Ballast

CIS offers a induction lighting system with a radio frequency ballast for driving electrode-less induction lamps with power ratings up to 400 watts. Our system is ARM MCU based with high efficiency RF conversion technology.

Electrode-less Induction lamps are known for their long life (>100,000 Hours), higher efficiency compared to LED light and disperse a much more natural day-light like feel. This product is ideally suitable for lighting applications in Industrial, Commercial, Home and Farming.

Product Description

The ballast is made of four parts. First is an EMI filter to reduce harmonics from the AC input. Next is a bridge rectifier; this converts AC to DC power. After that is the PFC circuit which boosts the DC voltage to a constant 400 V value and increases the power factor to 0.95+. The final part of the ballast is an inverter which converts the DC power to high frequency AC.

The MOSFETs used in the H-bridge are of high frequency / low loss type and transfer RF energy to the lamp via a Ferrite transformer. This transformer, with its unique construction, offers total shielding against RF radiation - while maintaining high efficiency and in a small form-factor. Any heat generated while handling high RF power is transferred to the aluminum case efficiently via proprietary features.

Induction Ballast - Product Highlights

Long life, as there are no electrodes in an induction lamp. Electrodes fail in normal fluorescent lamps as tungsten thins and breaks, thus shortening its life

By not having electrodes, the tube can be perfectly sealed. When seals go badly in regular fluorescent lamps, gas escapes weakness and the lamp fails

Energy efficient, often 80+ lumens per watt

No flickering

Dimmable range is 30 -100%

Can light both small and large areas depending on which type of induction lamp one uses

Induction Ballast - Product Range

CBB1: 200W Induction Ballast

CBB2: 400W Induction Ballast