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Induction Lighting

Step into a world of lighting innovation with our remarkable induction lighting system. Experience unrivaled efficiency and unmatched durability, surpassing all other options available. Our solution holds the record for the longest lifespan among commercially available light sources. Say goodbye to frequent replacements and embrace a lighting solution built to last. Welcome to a brighter, sustainable future with our exceptional Induction Lighting solution.

Induction Ballast

Caliber Interconnects offers an advanced induction light that includes a radio frequency ballast capable of powering electrodeless induction lamps up to 400 watts. Our system is built with cutting-edge ARM MCU technology, featuring high-efficiency RF conversion technology.

Known for their impressive lifespan of over 100,000 hours, electrode-less induction lamps offer superior efficiency compared to LED lights and provide a natural daylight-like ambiance. Our product is perfectly suited for a variety of lighting applications in industrial, commercial, residential, and agricultural settings.

Product Description

The ballast comprises four key components. Firstly, an EMI filter reduces harmonics from the AC input. Next, a bridge rectifier converts AC to DC power. Following this is the PFC circuit, which elevates the DC voltage to a consistent 400 V value while also increasing the power factor to 0.95 or higher. The final part of the ballast is an inverter that transforms the DC power into high-frequency AC.

Our H-bridge uses high-frequency/low-loss MOSFETs and a uniquely constructed Ferrite transformer to transfer RF energy to the lamp while ensuring complete RF radiation shielding, efficiency, and a compact design. Proprietary features efficiently transfer any heat generated while handling high RF power to the aluminum case.

Product Highlights

Induction lamps have a longer lifespan due to the absence of electrodes, which tend to thin and break, shortening the life of conventional fluorescent lamps

The lack of electrodes also allows for a perfect seal of the lamp tube, preventing gas leaks that can cause regular fluorescent lamps to fail

Induction lamps are energy-efficient, often delivering 80+ lumens per watt

Induction lamps eliminate flickering

The dimmable range of induction lamps is between 30-100%

Induction lamps can light both small and large areas, depending on the type of lamp used

Product Range

Explore our versatile induction lighting products, perfect for a wide range of applications. Whether you need lighting for commercial, industrial, or outdoor spaces, we have you covered. With advanced technology and exceptional performance, our products ensure efficient and reliable illumination. Choose from our extensive selection to find the ideal lighting solution for your needs.

CBB1: 200W Induction Ballast

CBB2: 400W Induction Ballast