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Pro focus

Caliber Interconnects's machine monitor software, profocus, offers the most efficient solution for managing productivity of an employee. This software is designed to monitor various computer activities, including software usage, internet browsing, and social media usage.

Service Overview

Our technology keeps a record of employees' computer usage, including the duration of their work and the times when they are active or idle. By collecting this data, it helps assess attendance and productivity. With worktime's computer tracking service, employers can access detailed reports on their employees' activities, such as logins and logouts, overtime, and other relevant information. Our machine monitoring software is user-friendly and prioritizes the privacy of its users.

How it works

The process of a machine monitoring system involves deploying software on each machine, which consistently gathers real-time data from every device and user. This software offers features and functionality that specifically monitor machine screens, and it formulates the data into easily understandable information for the user.

The software interacts with the machines and collects data on user activity, which is then transferred to monitoring screens for reporting updates. This information is collected and analyzed to enable businesses to make informed decisions, resulting in increased operational performance.

Why Caliber Interconnect’s ProFocus

A user-friendly and efficient tracking system that quickly identifies production bottlenecks and scales across different devices. It recognizes an individual's activity through their email ID and can monitor multiple devices simultaneously.

The tool enables overall work pattern analysis and consolidates workforce availability, helping to streamline operations. The dashboard provides detailed reports on activities, performance, resource consumption, utilization, and status updates, categorized into different hierarchy levels.

Additionally, an automatic pop-up feature alerts users to periods of inactivity, allowing for immediate action to improve productivity.