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System on Modules

Systerm On Modules

Low Cost Test Strategy

Detect manufacturing faults

Functional Test

Reusable plug-in to ease the development cycle

System On Modules

Experience the cutting-edge innovation of our system on modules (SoMs) as we proudly present a comprehensive range of these compact powerhouses. Designed to redefine the product development process, our SoMs seamlessly integrate all the essential components onto a single board, including processors, memory, storage, and peripherals. This holistic approach streamlines and accelerates embedded system development, freeing you to focus on your core application. With unrivaled flexibility, scalability, and reliability, our SoMs empower you to unleash your creativity and transform ideas into reality. Discover the limitless potential of our exceptional system on modules and unlock a new realm of possibilities for your next-generation products.

7 Inch TFT Display Module

Immerse yourself in a captivating visual journey with our state-of-the-art 7 Inch TFT display module. Boasting a vibrant and high-resolution screen, this module takes your viewing experience to new heights. Versatile and adaptable, it effortlessly meets the demands of various applications. With its compact design and seamless integration, it becomes the perfect interface for your electronic devices. Whether you're enhancing automotive systems, industrial equipment, or consumer electronics, our 7 Inch TFT display module ensures crystal-clear visuals that leave a lasting impression.

GPRS Module

Our GPRS modules ( 2G, 3G, 4G LTE) are revolutionizing the way data is transmitted and received in the realm of wireless communication. With seamless integration and advanced technology, our modules enable efficient and reliable connectivity for a wide range of applications. Whether it's tracking devices, IoT solutions, or remote monitoring systems, our GPRS modules provide secure and robust data transmission. Experience the power of real-time communication and explore the endless possibilities with our exceptional GPRS modules.


A powerful microcontroller unit designed to empower your projects with exceptional performance and versatility. With ARM Cortex-M3 processor & numerous array of peripherals and interfaces, including USB, Ethernet, and multiple communication protocols, the SAM3X8E MCU offers limitless possibilities for connectivity and integration. Whether you're developing smart appliances, industrial automation systems, or IoT devices, this MCU development platform provides the ideal foundation for your innovative solutions. Harness the power of the SAM3X8E MCU and unlock new horizons for your projects.

SAM 9X60 Gateway

An innovative solution that provides wider connectivity and communication through dual ethernet, Dual CAN, dual SD card. Experience a new era of seamless data exchange and integration with advanced features and exceptional performance with FLEXCOM’s features. Built for reliability, security, and scalability, the SAM 9X60 gateway offers unmatched versatility for a wide range of applications. Whether you seek to connect IoT devices, optimize data management, or enhance industrial automation, our gateway delivers unparalleled efficiency and adaptability. With rich development ecosystem, unlock limitless possibilities with the cutting-edge SAM 9X60 Gateway.

BLE Based Access Control System

Embark on a new era of access control innovation with our ground-breaking BLE Based Access Control System. Bid farewell to antiquated key-based systems and welcome the transformative power of Bluetooth Low Energy (BLE) technology for unparalleled access management. Our state-of-the-art system sets a new standard for convenience and ease, empowering you to effortlessly manage access permissions and monitor entries in real-time. With robust encryption protocols and intuitive interfaces, we prioritize the utmost security while ensuring a seamless user experience. Prepare to embrace a future of enhanced efficiency and unwavering peace of mind with our captivating BLE Based Access Control System.

Access Sensors

BLE cards/badges

Coin cell/rechargeable battery operated

Flash memory to store card details

Access Gateway

BLE to WiFi

BLE to sense the cards/Badges

WiFi to send access data to server

40-100 meter coverage


Remote monitoring

Database for access control

Data analysis

View and control

Mobile App

Remote monitoring

Alarms & Notifications

Headless Display HDMI, Display Port

There are many applications of embedded systems that utilize Headless displays (also known as headless ghost, dummy plug, or emulator). These discrete display emulators can be used in various industries such as gaming, virtual reality, and video streaming. By inserting a headless display into the video output socket of a computer, the operating system detects a display and activates the GPU, which is often inactive until a display is connected. This technology can improve the overall performance and resolution for remote users. In addition, by acquiring the EDID information from a display and relaying it to the video source, the device can mitigate any issues related to reduced performance and limited working resolution.

Display Port

Resolution - HDTV resolutions to 1080p @60Hz 1920x1200 @60Hz(WUXGA)

Power - Powered by source

Dimensions - 50*19.6*1.65 mm


Resolution - Supports 4096 x 2160 4K

Power - Powered by source

Dimensions - 28*19*1.65 mm


Introducing the cutting-edge PIC32 MCU, a technological marvel engineered to redefine the possibilities of embedded systems. Designed with precision and innovation in mind, the PIC32 MCU boasts exceptional processing power, an extensive range of integrated peripherals, and advanced connectivity options. With its unparalleled performance, developers can push the boundaries of what's achievable in fields such as IoT, consumer electronics, and industrial automation. The PIC32 MCU sets new industry standards by offering unrivaled flexibility, scalability, and adaptability, empowering you to create truly transformative solutions. Experience the future of embedded systems with the revolutionary PIC32 MCU and unleash your imagination.