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Interconnects For Electronic Circuits

HDI PCBs High Density Interconnects

The HDI design team is supported by a team of electrical simulation specialists who ensures that the design overcomes all critical signal issues to function effectively.

We have long - term relationship with a selected group of PCB fab and assembly houses to support the prototype and volume requirements. In addition to fab and assembly, our specialized PCB layout skills in RF and mixed signal board designing combined with signal integrity and thermal analysis add value to customers looking for one-stop solutions for their PCB design requirements. We take the total accountability for the complete board development cycle from schematic development to delivering the tested assembled boards (PCA - Printed Circuit Assembly) with the required approvals and certifications. Our specialty is in the handling tight constrained high complex circuit boards for military applications, avionics, and processor mother boards.

CIS delivers high-quality

Printed Circuit Board Design


PCB design) for the given schema and design inputs with competitive (or expedited) schedules at competitive costs our end-to-end 

Design approach tackles challenging issues encountered in designing high-speed PCBs

Proven board design processes and methodologies enable delivery of complex PCB board designs transmission line effect, EMI, and crosstalk


Schematic capture & development

HDI & RF layout services

PCB board manufacturing and assembly support

Component/PCB footprint library development and management

Board Design Skills

Expertise in high-speed digital, RF, and mixed-signal PCB design

High-speed backplane PCB

Controlled impedance board design/controlled delay matching board design

Precision analog and mixed-signal board design

RF and microwave design skills

Microvia design, constraint - driven placement, and routing

Circuit board design as per IPC/MIL standards

High-speed PCB designs involving multi-gigabit series

Design of low power consuming boards using power management techniques

ROHS compliance design

HDI layout designs with Micro vias

High-speed multilayer PCB with BGA and FBGA designs

Flexible PCB design (FPCB)e

Technology Experience


High - speed USB



Serial ATA

Rapid IO

High - speed SERDES


Ethernet PHY


Backplane connectors upto 30gbps

Design Tools

Cadence concept HDL and Allegro

Zuken CR5000


Orcad Capture

Mentor Design Capture, DX designer, Expedition

Mentor Powerlogic, PowerPCB


Altium Protel and Pcad

CIS Advantages

IPC member and have IPC certified designers

Extensive collection of footprint libraries compliant to IEEE and IPC standards

Exclusive Dedicated engineering team for PCB layout verification and SI analysis

In-house software team that extends capability of EDA tools by customization, scripts & automation tools

Ability to scale up in a short time frame. Fast/Quick turn design

Responsibility to pass EMI/EMC, vibration, and drop test qualification process for product certification

PCB Library Management

Support component library development and maintenance requirements per IPC 7351B standards

Customer specs can be practiced along with IPC standards based on requirements

Enhanced padstack naming convention (other than IPC) can be used for unique and/or simple identification of pads

Symbol library creation & component footprint creation/maintenance of multiple EDA tools

Organization-specific standards can be practiced as needed

Dedicated library team ensures zero defect footprints for new component library requirements

3D modeling of components (in multiple CAD tools)

Library development under all EDA tools

Business Model

On-site placement of resources

Off-site design service - cost per hour and project basis

Cost per resource on a retainership basis

Advanced PCB Tools from Cadence

ASC200 - System capture designer

ALG200 - Designer II

ALG300 - Venture

ALG3130 - Manufacturing option

ALG3150 - Productivity toolboxOption

ASC1220 - Design publisher

ATE PCBs Services

CIS provides exclusive design and routing support services to ATE test interface board vendors. Our designers closely interact with your engineers and strictly follow your design and DFM specs to accelerate designing of high yield ATE boards. Thus we can remain a true design partner and function as an offshore extension of your design team.

Our team is having vast experience in working for all major test board vendors and ATE IC test system vendors. We have long experience in designing boards for versatile ATE templates under different EDA design tools and able to provide high yield design solution. With proven design and signal routing process developed and adopted by the experienced professionals ensures right design delivered at first pass on schedule. ATE board designed by our team are subjected to electrical analysis to avoid signal integrity issues. Signal routing of ATE boards are done manually considering PCB stack-up, distance to reference plane and power to ground configurations to minimize crosstalk and distortion. We design boards of less inductance with higher signal strength.

ATE Board Design - Service Highlights

Designed test boards in all popular tester platforms

Team handled over 6000 test board designs

Quick ramp up of resources to achieve quick turnaround time

Exposure of all major ATE board fab houses and specs

Worked with major probe card assembly houses

ATE board routing service - Team capability to route 4000 nets in 2 days for memory probecards

Capability to do RF probe cards and load boards

In house Signal integrity analysis capability for high speed load boards and probecards

ATE Testboards

Universal and specialty probe cards, blade probecards

Device interface board(DIB)

Handler interface boards

Probe interface boards

Load boards

Bench boards

Evaluation boards

Characterization boards

Adapter cards

Burn in boards

Hast boards, ESD and latch up boards

Board Design Capabilities

Placement and routing services for probe cards, load boards, dut and handler interface boards

Impedance matching to 50 ohm and length matching to zero tolerance

Designing of prototype load boards for hand test and for fully automated handler applications

Epoxy cantilever, blade, WLP and vertical contact probe cards

COBRA probe cards using MLO/MLC substrates

Burn-in test, ESD boards, bench boards for AC, DC, PLL and SysIO configuration testing

Reference boards and ASIC evaluation boards

Design for low power device testing and high speed digital, Analog, mixed signal and RF devices

Strict implementation of high-speed layout techniques for reduced distortion, delays and low noise

Proper selection of PCB fabrication materials including FR4, BT epoxy, neloc, polymide, CE, rogers and getek

Boards are having less inductance and higher signal strength resembles ideal load Boards by ensuring precise mechanical alignment with testers and high bandwidth signal transmission

Industry wide knowledge on test sockets, probers, single and multi-site handlers and docking systems

Support for various tester platforms like Verigy, Advantest, Teradyne, LTX-Credence, Yokogawa, etc

Board Design Experience

All designs are schematic driven and layouting applies signal integrity rules

Team exposed to various manufacturers processes DFM, DFA, DFT and ICT

Precision analog and mixed signal integration

Edge coupled and tandem differential pairs

Adherence to IPC standards - IPC-2221, -2222, -2223, IPC-7351 etc

Skew matching as per the signal rise time

Optimal board stack up with ups with controlled impedance for micro stripline, stripline and dual stripline stackups

Faster manual routing with in-house tools avoiding vias with good aesthetics

Designed boards with blind and buried vias, Micro-via and via-less routing, constraint driven placement and routing

Tester Types













Interface Board Design

Our team has extensive experience in designing probecards for various applications and offering services to many leading probecard vendors around the world. We get repeat business requests due to our capability to deliver quality designs on schedule irrespective of complexity.

Probecard designs of high pin count and densities are more than routing intensive work and routing of signal and ground traces takes morethan 50 percent of total design time. Also the traces needs to be equally spaced all over the spider area to achieve board planarity and the lengths should be matched to zero tolerance for greater performance. It needs more manpower to complete design in short duration. CIS interconnects Private Limited has the skill to overcome challenges involved in designing a probecard in a short duration by extending the capability of the EDA tools through its customization capability. Our in-house software team developed intelligent software tools and utilities to help the designers to achieve fast turn around in each design process. The whole design process is tool driven and we constantly innovate new tools to help manual routing. Our in-house software team developed numerous software tools to help the designers to achieve fast turn around. Our team can route 2000 traces in a day, thus we are able to meet timelines specified by the customer.

SiP Design EDA Tool Expertise

Cadence SiP digital

Cadence SiP RF

Design Highlights

Experience in designing of fine pitch, high density, multi dut diagonal and RF cantilever probecards

Experience in designing of vertical probecards and space transformers, MLO/MLC substrates

Experience in designing low leakage parametric probecards, blade cards, motherboards and RF probecards

Experience in designing of wafer sort performance interface boards and motherboards

Electrical simulation of probecard and probe pins

Ability to keep the layer count low and achieve zero tolerances routes

Designed boards for high frequency memory, logic and RF devices

In depth understanding of tester instrumentation and prober

Load Board Design

A loadboard is critical for testing of ICs and a carefully designed board reduces the test pass failure possibilities considerably. CIS can design high performance loadboards which enables testing of the DUT as defined to your test plan. Our experienced ATE test engineers are able to do ATE test schematics which are flexible to add future test requirements also.

Designed load boards for testing of SoC/Mixed signals, LCD, Memory, Image sensor, Power, Digital, Analog and RF devices. Designed boards for 0.4mm pitch, high pincount BGA devices upto 2016 and devices working on frequency upto 6.25 Ghz.

Applying high speed design techniques and signal integrity analysis

Availability tester template libraries, foot prints of sockets and components, handler libraries

Knowledge over handlers and tester instrumentation

Routing ability to maintain Zero tolerance for high performance and low speed digital signals

Experience in popular ATE systems, tester instrumentation, handler and sockets

Our Advantages

Availability of qualified experienced resources, libraries and ATE templates

Expertise to handle EDA tools and customization skills to extend the capability of the EDA tools

In-house developed software tools to reduce the design and layout time

Capability to route 2000 nets per day

Interactive design environment with video/web conferencing

Critical loadboards undergo simulation

Deliveries are verified by our test and application engineers


As a design and manufacturing service provider, CIS has cutting - edge expertise in burn - in designs. Our expertise includes BIB layout design, Burn in board design, Universal Boards etc. Right from the choice of materials to the component selection, based on the test nature, we carefully choose everything to meet the specifications and as well as make sure that there is no excessive cost spent as overkill.

We do burn in board designs at various peak temperature ranging from 125 C to 250 C using High Tg FR4 or special polymide materials based on the applicable test temperature.

We give quick turnaround time both in Universal board designs as well as Custom specific designs. Adroit in handling all sizes, versatile complexities, BGA, LGA, QFP, DIP, custom - sockets and multiple layers in both prototype and production.

Our knowledge across the product development cycle helps us to understand all the requirements from di - electric material choices, soldering/assembling materials, required plating thickness & material combinations and so on, which further results in faster delivery cycles across the development cycle.

Quick Facts

Temperature accelerated and humid testing

Peak temperature in range of 125 C - 250 C

Discrete devices to custom specific ASIC

Universal boards

Material selection (High Tg FR4, polymide & special polymides based on temperature range)

Expertise across product development (Design, Fab, Assembly and Testing)

EMS/Contract Manufacturing Services/ PCB Turnkey Solutions

With the proven experience and expertise in the PCB Industry, CIS is a pioneer in the EMS/contract manufacturing services. The ability of excellent engineering analysis coupled with NPI solutions offers our customers a seamless transition from concept to complete product. Our product performance PCBs and expert engineering analysis enable our customers to enhance their core business.

Our NPI & Product Engineering process enables us to align development efforts with customer requirements. Since our NPI Solutions and PCB Turnkey Solutions are based on end product performance our customers can plan and decide the cost and requirements of PCBs well ahead of volume production through quick turnaround prototypes.

Our cross functional team works with design process, pcb fabrication, assembly and sourcing activities to create a seamless transition of new products & design prototypes into cost efficient & volume production.


Our customers can benefit through our intelligent sourcing of suppliers based on board complexity and their requirements. Our cross functional analysis enables us to do right material selection and facilitating assembly through cost efficient manufacturing methods.

Best cost in industry

Best timeline and quick turnarounds

Both prototype PCB and Volume PCB production

Component Procurement

Selection based on usage and field of application

Worldwide sourcing

Costing analysis and comparisons

EMS Related Services

PCB CAM & programming - DFM/DFA/DFT analysis

PCB panelization

Stack - ups/impedance

Custom made BPO

Assembly stencil creation

Bare board test