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IC Test Engineering

Unlocking The Potential Of Test Automation

IC Test Engineering

CIS is one of the leading providers of test services for semiconductor ICs across major segments (Communication, Computing, Consumer & Automotive/Industrial) end markets.

Service Overview

Our experienced team will work hand in hand with you for rapid test bring up thereby reducing time to market and cost. We offer full test software / hardware development services for ATE and / or instrument based test routines & programs across all major IC types, covering characterization, NPI, probe & final test, across product life cycle and continuous improvement efforts, all types of test hardware including high speed / high density load boards, test hardware, necessary personalization kits for probers and handlers.

Our engineering team can also support characterization, 1st articles, 1st release probe/test solutions, leading to prototype/low volume production, then total alignment to transfer to HVM at the foundry, IDM or OSAT test floor(s). 

Value Proposition

Providing back-end IC test development to worldwide customers for over 20 years

Talent Engineering talent pool well beyond 70+, highly skilled in IC test development, ATE board design

Design & DFT backgrounds

Test Hardware experience

Work with designers at the pre silicon phase to enhance the test ability of silicon, greatly increasing the test coverage and effectiveness

Swift feasibility studies and test process timeline estimations projections

Deep and diverse product exposure and nimble adaption to any new test platform

TTR (Test time reduction) audits

Extended arm to customer's in house testing team, leveraging the time gap and expediting test development time either through remote or using in house testers

Process mechanisms to ensure utmost quality

Consistent upgrading of skills anticipating future needs of clients

Secure data network key for off-site development

Long term relationships with ATE tester suppliers, test hardware vendors, OSATs foundries and IDMs

Test Services

Full-turnkey manufacturing solutions including:

Pre silicon planning

Test hardware & program development

Wafer sort

Packaged device to test

Device characterization

Device qualification

Production release

Post production support

Cross tester platform conversion

Not only migration, but also enhance

Legacy to latest platform

Reduced test time

Increased parallelism

ATE Expertise:

Advantest 93000, V6000

Teradyne UltraFlex, J750, ETS, Magnum



Bench Validation:

Bench testing for high speed digital, analog, mixed signal & RF

Bench testing and characterization in wafer & packaged IC

LabVIEW programming for measurements and automation

Production screening using integrated bench instruments with automation

Training With Workshop Offerings:

Test program development and debugging

TestTime reduction techniques & yield analysis and improvement

Workshop hands-on with devices like ASIC/SoC/PMIC/Memory with 6month across platforms such as 93K/Uflex/J750/etc.,

IC Test Infrastructure


Tester - Advantest 93000, Teradyne UltraFlex

Handler - Pick and Place handler

Temptronic (ATS-545-M-9) - Temp range: -70°C to +220°C

Sysmetric - Temp range: -40°C to +130°C


Advantest V93K

Teradyne ETS

Teradyne J750

Teradyne Magnum

Vector conversion tools:


Vector Network Analyzer: R&S ZNA - Up to 1.1 THz

Mixed Signal Oscilloscope: Tektronix 5 Series - Up to 2 GHz

Source Measure Unit: NI(PXIe 4144 & 4130),R&S(NGU 401) - Up to ±20V / 8A

Programmable power supply: ENARKA(EAPS 9750 - 06) - Up to 750V / 17A & SIGLENT(SPD 3303C) - 32V / 3.2A

Arbitrary Waveform Generator: Teledyne SPdevices (SDR14TX) - Up to 2 GHz Analog bandwidth & 2 GHz Sample rate

Data acquisition/Digitizer: Teledyne SPdevices (ADQ14DC) - 2 Gsps & 1.2 GHz Analog bandwidth

Digital Pattern Instrument: NI (PXIe 6570) - Up to 200 MHz

High Speed Digital: NI (PXIe 6594) - Up to 28 Gbps

Chassis: NI (PXIe 1095) - Up to 18 Slots & 24 Gbps

Controller: NI (PXIe 8880) - 2.3 GHz, 8 core controller

Product Portfolio

SoC: Functional Validation

Processor, Graphics, Sensors, Memory & High Speed Interfaces

Key Attributes:

First silicon bring up in designed nm

Experience in testing 5G Technology & 7nm node

TestChip product bring up on new IP validation

Intensive and significant benchmark test case

Device protocol familiarity - JTAG, TIC, SPI, I2C, S2P2

High Speed Digital & Memory:
  • Ethernet Switch, LVDS Buffer, Transceiver etc.,
Key Attributes:
  • Up to 2 GHz ASIC
  • High Speed serial validation
  • Device Protocols/Interfaces - PCIE, DDR, SPI, QPI, I2C, CAN, RS422
  • Accommodated 1540 sites for memory devices, 96 sites for digital
Mixed Signal:
  • High speed and High precision ADC/DACs
Key Attributes:
  • Multichannel with resolutions of 8-bit to 16-bit ADC/DACs
  • Device Protocols/Interfaces: SPI, LVDS, I2C
  • Analog Front End (AFE) ADC/DACs and Thermocouple ADC modules
  • Hardware designs up to 16 sites
Power devices:
  • MOSFET, IGBT and diodes
Key Attributes:
  • 3kV and 10kV solutions & current up to 500A
  • Avalanche test, breakdown test, repetitive and non-repetitive forward surge current test
  • Amplifiers, Passive components, Mixers and Frequency Converter, Antenna and Oscillator
Key Attributes:
  • Effective RF/microwave test and measurements using latest high-end Vector Network Analyzer
  • Validation of RF Front End Modules and measurement automation using LabVIEW programming
  • Solution for RF Component characterization for wireless communications, automotive and aerospace & defense
  • Production support for RF component validation with high accuracy
  • Measurement with in-situ de-embedding solutions

Testing IP TestGeni

Service Overview

In ATE testing, test development time plays a crucial part influencing time to market. With the increasing complexity and technology of SOC chips, the development time becomes even more critical. This paper deals with the possible automation of test development and describes about its implementation to effectively cut down test development time and manual efforts.

TestGeni, an intelligent automation tool developed by CIS generates a ready to load test flow from primary setup files. It reduces more than 60% of manual effort involved in test preparation. This tool accepts different formats of primary setup files from test engineers and creates a standard format file for supporting all ATE test platforms (e.g., V93000 SM7 and SM8; IG XL uFlex). It auto validates input parameters given by test engineers and generates pin configuration files (including mapping channels, grouping pins and ports, etc.) on its own and engenders loadable files of levels and time for DuT from the setup primary itself. Cross portability between production testing, characterization testing and debug test flow has also been supported in this tool. By generating vectors with any memory size with zero manual error, this tool goes a long way in reducing the manual effort in testing memory ICs.

It uses data analytic, data visualization techniques and fault detecting algorithms for automation. Also, this tool engenders test coverage reports and allows in test flow editing with a lot of ease.