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IoT & Wearable

With remarkable advancements in miniaturization, we have harnessed the power to integrate sensors, microcontrollers, wireless technologies, and storage networks into a wide array of electronic devices. Leveraging this innovation, our wearable IoT devices provide seamless connectivity with other devices and deliver an unparalleled security solution, meticulously customized for the safety and well-being of children.

Our Work Process

The device boasts a range of advanced features, including a GPS receiver, three-axis accelerometer, temperature and water level sensors, and a rechargeable battery, all of which can be conveniently accessed and monitored through wireless technology advantages such as GPRS for cloud communication.

Embraced by an elegant watch case, the device boasts two small yet powerful PCBs. The first PCB accommodates a range of sensors and microcontrollers, while the second PCB is tailored for RF, unlocking the potential for seamless integration with diverse wireless technology applications.

Our smart firmware, powered by an ultra-low power microcontroller, collects data from sensors and communicates it to the cloud server via GPRS. It optimizes battery power and memory usage, ensuring efficient resource utilization. The device offers flexible profiles configurable through the cloud server or USB interface, catering to various applications.

Customization is made easy with the two-PCB design, allowing the device to be extended to BLE simply by replacing the RF module, making it an excellent choice for integrating with other wireless technologies for IoT.

Product Highlights

Unveiling our remarkable IoT wearable device, showcasing a range of impressive features. It is driven by an ultra-low microcontroller, seamlessly integrating the IM808 GPRS/GPS module for unparalleled connectivity. With the freescale 3-axis accelerometer, precise motion tracking is achieved. The device incorporates a low power digital temperature sensor for accurate temperature monitoring. It also includes an emergency switch and a water level sensor, prioritizing safety and security. Embrace the future of wearable technology with our exceptional IoT wearable device.