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Power Electronics Design Skills

Design Skills

We specialize in designing power supplies and developing a wide range of power electronics products, including converters, inverters, power supplies, DC to DC converters, and motor control circuits. We also excel in power electronics protection methods, EMI-related issues, PCB design for power supply and high-frequency ferrite core transformers. Our team is experienced in fault tolerance and sensor processing circuits, as well as snubber circuits and PCB design.

We have extensive experience in simulation and analysis, including waveform analysis, harmonic analysis, power and loss calculations, thermal analysis, ripple analysis, derating analysis, and reliability analysis. Our expertise in Pspice and PSIM simulation tools allows us to provide accurate and reliable results. We have a working knowledge of control systems and significant experience in controllers and PWM techniques.

Power Electronics Engineering Skills

Knowledge of System Engineering

Heat sink design

High current bus design

Optimising grounding to reduce ground loops

Providing proper isolation

Design of line filters, common mode and differential mode filters

Shielding, cabling and connector selection

Power capacitor specifications and selection

Packaging method

Customized Product Development Support

We offer comprehensive support for customized product development, specializing in a range of electromechanical actuators such as digital EMAs, engine control units, SMPS, motor controls, industrial inverters, remotely controlled through IoTs, fuel control systems, and high power electrical drive control systems for railways.

Our expertise also extends to power electronics for electric vehicles, including AC to DC, DC to DC, motor controllers, and battery chargers. We are experienced in developing and designing aircraft power systems such as generator control units, engine control units, and power distribution units. Additionally, we specialize in the development of induction heating units and wireless power transfer systems.

Development and Testing Equipments

Power supplies


Power and harmonic analyzers

Dynamometers for motor testing

Prime mover

Resistive loads

IC testers

Custom-built test fixtures

3 - Phase Power Relay


The 3-Phase Monitoring Relay from Caliber Interconnects is a compact and highly accurate device that is ideal for use in 3-phase mains systems without a neutral wire. It provides reliable protection against a range of potential issues, including wrong phase sequence, phase loss, phase unbalance, under-voltage, and over-voltage.

Model: 3PHMR1

Weight: 100g

Dimension: 87.8H x 54.2D x 17.5W

Protection Grade: IP20


Implemented microcontroller-based system for tighter control of the input power

Protection Against:

  • Overvoltage and under-voltage
  • Phase imbalance
  • Phase sequence error
  • Phase failure
  • Surge


  • PM 1: On delay adjustment
  • PM 2: Over-voltage adjustment
  • PM 3: Under-voltage adjustment
  • PM 4: Phase imbalance adjustment

LED Indication:

  • Phase sequence/phase loss/unbalance, power indication, output status, under-voltage and over-voltage conditions


The 3PHMR1 is a versatile solution for monitoring phase presence, correcting phase sequence, and detecting under/over voltage in three-phase load mains. It is well-suited for various applications including lifts, escalators, HVAC systems, material handling equipment, conveyors, pumps, and compressors.

Technical Specifications

Supply voltage: 3 Phase,208 to 500v AC,50Hz


  • On Delay: 2-180 sec
  • Off Delay: Disconnection for under-voltage after start: 5 sec, disconnection for over voltage and phase asymmetry after start : 3 sec

Over voltage detection: 400V - 480V

Under voltage detection : 300V - 380V

Phase imbalance detection: 20V - 100V

Output: 8A relay output

DIN Enclosure

Energy Efficient Motor

Hub Motor and Dynamo-meter Test Setup
Motor Design skills

Design of brushless PM motor - Hub motor and inner rotor types

Simulation Analysis

Efficiency, torque vs speed curve

Cogging torque

Motion analysis

Back EMF analysis

Flux density and current density analysis

Winding layout

Mechanical 3D and 2D design

Electric Motor Technology

Heart of an electric vehicle

Operates as

  • Motor to drive power to the vehicle
  • Generator during braking to regenerate power

Machine performance critical to smooth riding experience

Current State of Art

BLDC Motors are widely used

Inherent problem with torque ripple, noise and high-speed limitations

Efficiency and reliability concerns

Imported motor and drive technology

Lack of service, support and maintenance support

Motor Drive Development Skills

Knowledge of motor operation and control theory

Expertise in various motor technologies


Knowledge of Motor Control Methodologies

Sensor-based and sensorless control

Field-oriented control & vector-based control

Drive design capabilities including system design, hardware design, software and algorithm development

Model-based on design and development capabilities

2KW AND 5KW Motor Specification
2KW AND 5KW Controller Specification
Development and Testing Equipments

Power supplies


Power analysers

Harmonic analysers

Dyno in case of motor testing

Prime mover

Resistive loads

IC testers

Custom made test rigs

Solar Grid Tied Inverter

10 KW Grid Tied Inverter

10 kw solar grid tied inverter is energy efficient and internationally compliant solar fed grid tied Inverter

2 MPPT channels each of the capacity 6.6 KW with 4 switch synchronous buck-boost typology

3 level TNPC energy efficient topology for Inverter section, good power quality by providing low total harmonic distortion levels

Compliance with functional safety standards and with critical protection features

ARM core based controller with advanced algorithms for MPPT, grid synchronization and protections

Technology Highlights

STM32H7 series ARM cortex M7 core with double precision floating point unit running at up-to 480MHz, controller for MPPT and inverter section

Multi - mode control in buck and boost stage of 4 switch synchronous DC-DC converter and PWM technique with better output power quality

Grid synchronization ensured with phase locked loop control

Wide band gap 4 terminal SiC MOSFET as switching devices for low switching loss, high switching frequencies and better thermal performance

Single power board with 2 MPPT converters and 3 level TNPC inverter sections to ensure better EMI/EMC performance and compact size

Main Features of The Product

High efficiency

Wide input voltage operating range

Built-in protection

3 level highly energy efficient inverter topology

High power quality with reduced THD level

IP65 protection class compliant

High PV energy harvest through efficient MPPT

Grid integration standard compliance with following standards: VDE-AR-N 4105, EN 62109, EN 62000-6-1, EN 62000-6-3, UL1741, IEEE 1547

International safety class compliant

Fine-tuned for Indian conditions

Futuristic technology

Digital display with fault indication

Human machine interface (HMI) for easy control

Supports high array to inverter ratio

USB host for local firmware upgrade

EN/IEC 62109-1, EN/IEC 62109-2 grid safety standard compliant