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Solar Inverter - Energy Solutions

As many people are looking for an alternate for fuel based vehicles, the use of solar power is rapidly expanding and it is also considered as one of the most valuable energy sector. So, to deal with the demand, Caliber offers novel solutions for ranges of capacity requirements.

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Solar Inverter - Product Description

Our products are designed to give a pure sine wave output with less than 2% total harmonic distortion (THD). A wide range of load types can be connected up (appliances, computers, inverter drive motors).

The following safety checks will be done in real-time:

  • Under and over voltage status of solar panel, battery and Ac output
  • Over load current status of output AC
  • High temperature status and safer error recovery for power switches (IGBTs)

RS-485 serial communication port is linked to a computer to control and monitor the inverter remotely. There's optional GPRS modem connectivity with a server to help the user operation/maintenance.

On-grid models help the customer to sell excess power generated into a grid for use that can be used by other customers connected to the same grid.

Metering of solar power generated is possible to help the customer to monitor and measure the inverter to aid in calculating commercial aspects of energy sale.

Inverter parameters such as voltages, currents, power factor etc., can be viewed on a large, high resolution TFT display with touch screen.

Optional Module to adjust the orientation of the panel to track the sun is available to effectively maximize the power output of the panel.

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Solar Inverter - Product Range

Single Phase Systems (Off-grid model)
5kW standalone inverters that produces 230V 50HZ sine wave output. Suitable for small businesses and homes. Battery capacity will be provided based on backup time required.

Three Phase Systems (Off-grid model)
10kW standalone inverters producing a 230V 50HZ sine wave output. This system is suitable for large size homes and Industries. Battery capacity will be provided based on backup time required.

Three Phase Systems (On-grid model)
10kW, three-phase systems with grid storage that produces 3-ph 230V 50Hz sine wave output. This system is suitable for apartment complexes, communities, hospitals, educational institutions, and industries. The on-grid systems can be cascaded to generate a wide range of power. Excess stored electricity can be sold.

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