Machine Monitor

Caliber’s machine monitor software is the most effective approach for employee productivity management. It is intended to keep track of computer activities like software, Internet, social media use, etc. This technology maintains track of who is working on which computers, for how long, and at what times. Based on the data acquired, it aids in evaluating attendance and productivity. Worktime's computer tracking service provides reports on employees' logins and logouts, active and idle time, overtime, and other activities. Our machine monitoring software is accessible and respects users' privacy.

How It Works
  • The machine monitoring process is a solution that leveraging deployment of software on each machine. Real-time data is consistently gathered on every  device and from every user

  • Features functionality that specifically monitors the machine screens and it also formulates the data into information for easy understanding of the user

  • Software interacts with the machines and collects data about the user’s activity, later it moves it to the monitoring screens to report updates

  • This collected and analyzed information allows businesses to take charge and make smarter decisions, resulting in increased operational performance

Why Caliber’s Machine Monitor
  •  Caliber’s machine monitoring tool helps you with a simple and effective tracking that rapidly recognizes the production bottlenecks, and also scales across

  • Capable of tracking  work on multiple devices as it identifies the person’s activity with their mail ids

  • Caliber’s machine monitoring tool possibly makes overall work pattern analysis and consolidates the availability of the workforce

  • Use the dashboard to report the activities, performance, utilization, status updates, resource consumption, in various hierarchy levels

  • An automatic pop-up arises to flag periods of inactivity

Machine Monitor Dashboard
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