CPR Device - Description
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The CPR device is an emergency life saving device used to rescue patients during a sudden cardiac arrest. The Ultrasonic module is a part of a CPR device.

The Ultrasonic module consists of a Controller module and an Ultrasonic Sensor Module. The Controller module is designed with an Ultra-low Power Microcontroller. The Ultrasonic Sensor module transmits Ultrasonic waves and detects the reflection of the transmitted waves. The Controller module controls and manages the Ultrasonic Sensor module to calculate the CPR device movement cycle.

Our smart firmware embedded into the ultra-low power microcontroller manages and controls the Sensor module. The firmware algorithm is designed in such a way that the battery power and the memory are used optimally.

With the two module approach the device is also designed to be easily integrated with many other sensor modules.

CPR Device Highlights
  • Ultra-low microcontroller
  • Battery powered
  • Power optimized with different power modes
  • Ultrasonic transmitter and receiver sensors
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