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Design Skills

Design of converters, inverters, power supplies, DC to DC converters, motor control circuits, power electronic protection methods, EMI-related, high-frequency ferrite core transformer, fault tolerance, power electronics protection circuits, sensor processing circuits, snubber circuits, and PCB.

Simulation and Analysis skills:Analysis of  Waveform, Harmonic, Power and loss calculations, Thermal, Ripple, Derating, Reliability. We also carry out Pspice simulation, and PSIM simulation. Working knowledge of control systems, and significant knowledge of controllers and PWM techniques.

Power Electronics Engineering Skills
  • Knowledge of System Engineering
  • Heat sink design
  • High current bus design
  • Optimising grounding to reduce ground loops
  • Providing proper isolation
  • Design of line filters, common mode and differential mode filters
  • Shielding, cabling and connector selection
  • Power capacitor specifications and selection
  • Packaging method
Customized Product Development Support
  • Product development in the areas of electromechanical actuators including digital EMAs, Engine control units, SMPS, motor controls, industrial inverters, remotely controlling through IOTs, fuel control systems, and railways high power electrical drive control systems
  • Power electronics for electric vehicles – AC to DC, DC to DC, motor controller and battery charger
  • Aircraft power systems – generator control unit, engine control unit, and power distribution unit
  • Induction heating unit and wireless power transfer systems
Development And Testing Equipments
  • Power supplies
  • Oscilloscope
  • Power analysers
  • Harmonic analysers
  • Dyno in case of motor testing
  • Prime mover
  • Resistive loads
  • IC testers
  • Custom-made test rigs
Motor Drive Development Skills
  • Knowledge of motor operation and control theory
  • Expertise in various motor technologies
  • Induction motor
  • Switched reluctance motor
Knowledge of Motor Control Methodologies
  • Sensor-based and sensorless control
  • Field-oriented control & vector-based control
  • Drive design capabilities including system design, hardware design, software and algorithm development
  • Model-based on design and development capabilities
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