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The PCB size is getting reduced and the operating parahe PCB size is getting reduced and the operating parameter of densely populated boards are keep on increasing which poses thermal effects in the Boards and substrates. It eventually affects performance of the interconnects. The Increase in component density in a reduced size of PCB and the corresponding increase in power causes excessive heat which lowers the overall electrical performance and reliability. Caliber Interconnects uses different thermal analysis tools to foresee the factor affecting interconnect performance and proposes cost effective solutions to overcome deep thermal effects by analyzing thermal boundary conditions and power dissipation.

Thermal Analysis - Importance
  • We need to prevent the performance error, component or system damage due to excess temperature on circuit boards.
  • A printed circuit board contains organic and inorganic materials with internal and external wiring, which allows electronic component to be physically supported and electrically connected. At times there are greater requirement for power handling and cooling capabilities to achieve expected performance.
  • Temperature exceeding the maximum operating limit may result in irreversible changes in the component operating characteristics.
  • Performing precise thermal analysis helps us to increase component reliability, ensure proper material selection, reduce the possibility of the thermal failure and guarantee the electrical performance
Thermal Analysis - Parameters
  • Local ambient temperature of the component.
  • Airflow over the component and the surrounding.
  • Physical constraints.
  • Power dissipation of the component.
  • Size of the component.
  • Packaging materials.
  • Type of interconnections.
  • Presence of thermal cooling system.
  • Thermal conductivity.
  • Power density of the substrate/ package, nearby component and circuit board to which it is attached.
  • The temperature distributions plots.
  • The amount of heat lost or gained plots.
  • Thermal gradient plots.
  • Thermal fluxes plots.
  • Thermal Conductivity plots.
  • Fusion Current density.
  • Mean Time To Failure (MTTF).
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