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Caliber has been designing and building automated conveyor solutions for diverse industries. Our unique designs have attracted the attention of various customers, who have been relying on us for all their automation needs in designing and deploying conveyor systems, ranging from a simple gravity conveyor to a sophisticated computer - controlled system in a timely, in a cost effective manner meeting the rigorous safety and quality standards, on par with global best - practices.

We offer custom built Intelligent conveyor system which does more than mere transportation, by becoming an integral part of the production flow to continuously adopt and to optimize the process flow which in turn results in much vaunted improvement in the productivity for our customers.

Our conveyors systems of the following types have been widely recognized for their robustness and reliability.

  • Belt Conveyors and Roller Conveyors.
  • Chain Conveyor System.
  • Slat Conveyor System



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We are a Product Engineering Company with a proven track record of offering Integrated product engineering solutions for major global players of diverse industries like Semiconductor, Avionics, Railways, Industrial, IOT (Internet of Things).