Mobile Application

Technology used

  • Restful WebAPI Services
    • Asp.Net WebAPI, C#
  • Security
    • OAuth 2, CORS
  • ORM Design
    • Entity Framework 6
  • Database Design
    • SQL Server
  • Frontend
    • Angular 4,
    • Bootstrap
    • React-native
  • Mobile
    • Ionic, NativeScript, Java
  • Web socket Implementation
    • SignalR
    • Socket.IO
  • Push Notifications
    • Firebase (Google Cloud Messaging)
  • Job Scheduler
    • Quartz.Net
  • Link:
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Smart Farming- Application Platform

Smart Farming - On The Go

  • Private Cloud with Web Server/Database
  • Multi - site Greenhouses connected to the Cloud Platform
  • Each Site data protected with access rights
  • Manage it from anywhere – On the Go Mobile App and Web App
  • Critical Alarms/Reminders Notification
  • Data - driver Dynamic Business Intelligence
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Remote Monitor
  • Environment, Soil, Water, Light ETC

  • Monitor Site Detail.
    • Name, Location etc
  • Monitor Sensors, Controls and Water level.
  • Color coded Sensor Status.
    • Red – Above Threshold.
    • Yellow – Below Threshold.
    • Green – Normal Operation.
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Green House Operational Mode
  • Auto - Mode
    • No App control in Greenhouse Climate Control
    • Climate controlled by Greenhouse Controller’s Intelligence
  • Manual - Mode
    • Greenhouse Controller stops the control algorithm & Climate data reported to Application
    • Greenhouse could be remotely controlled with the Mobile App
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Remotely Configurable Sensor Threshold Levels
  • High/Low Levels for following Sensors
    • Environment.
    • Soil.
    • Water.
    • Light.
  • Plat-wise pre-defined profiles
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Analytics And Data- Driven Intelligence
  • Individual Greenhouse parameters stored in Database over time
  • Individual Greenhouse activities logged in Database over time
  • Individual Data Analyzed and presented in Graphical form
  • Manage it from anywhere – On the Go Mobile App and Web App
  • Data Analyzed and Business Intelligence presented for chain of Greenhouses
Mobile App Smart Farming

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