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"Today's leading edge high speed (up to ___ GHz and high density (up to X layers) PCB(s) need to be tested thoroughly before shipping out to customers..."  .

Our Test Engineering group  provides  boundary scan, functional test and process automation.


Test Home
Boundary Scan
  • In-system programming support for flash and PLDs (CPLD, FPGAs)
  • DFT (Design for Testability) analysis
Functional Test
Test Home
Custom Test Hardware Development
  • Specially designed hardware
  • Test software runs in the tester hardware
  • Tester programmed to generate input signals and monitor output signals
  • Multiple PCBs were tested in parallel
  • Tester hardware configurable (through software) to support different types of PCBs
  • Test scripts and log capture
  • Reduced test time, increased throughput
Functional Test Software Development (In-System)
  • Automated single button test
  • Suitable for PCBA with MPU/MCU
  • Test software runs in the onboard MPU/MCU
  • Test software similar to application software
  • Test traffic data generation from MPU/MCU or onboard FPGAs
  • External connectors are looped back or connected to low - cost test hardware
  • Built-in user interface
  • Device level menu for manual testing
  • Test scripts and log capture
Functional Test Software Development (External)
  • lAutomated single button test
  • Suitable for PCBA with or without MPU/MCU
  • Test software runs on the low cost test hardware board and is connected to the PCBA
  • Built-in user interface
  • Device level menu for manual testing
  • Test scripts and log capture
Device Level Test Software Development (Debug & Repair)
  • Suitable for PCBA debug & repair
  • Fault identified at the individual device level
  • Read/Write/Loop Read/Loop Write device options
  • Device functional menu for debug
  • Inbuilt user interface
Test Automation
Test Home
Labview Based Test Automation
  • Complete product test flow automation
  • Test time reduction with limited operator intervention
  • Rich operator friendly GUI
  • Real time parameters monitoring
  • Test results integrated with the test database
  • Consolidated test statistics
  • Graphical representation of test data
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