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We offer integrated product engineering solutions for major global players in diverse industries.

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We provide automated quality compliance tool based on AI with no infrastructure change.

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Forging the future of hardware design since 2000. With a stellar team of over 600 engineers, we lead the charge in the semiconductor industry across six dynamic countries. Our growth has been meteoric, propelling us to the forefront of hardware engineering and pioneering semiconductor testing practices. But we don't stop there. Innovation pulses through our veins. Our in-house products set hearts ablaze across sectors like medicine, power electronics, robotics, IoT, and data analytics. We're the creators of boundless possibilities, pushing the boundaries of what's imaginable. Our commitment to progress is unwavering.
We don't just deliver; we redefine excellence. Our game-changing offerings unlock unparalleled value and efficiency for our cherished clients. Together, we shape a future where hardware solutions become catalysts for remarkable achievements. Join us on this extraordinary journey. Let's sculpt the landscape of tomorrow with Caliber Interconnects, the trailblazers of innovation.
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Glimpse of our Creativity

IC Test Engineering

IC Test Engineering

Ensures optimal IC performance and reliability by employing cutting-edge testing methodologies and utilizing state-of-the-art equipment

Caliber Interconnects is an ISO 9000 Certified Design House with 100 Plus Design & Electrical Simulation Analysts.

ATE Design

Depth of Design & Process Knowledge that Come with Decades of Experience.

Experience in RF & High Speed Digital Simulation.

Expertise in Simulation & Analysis,
Signal Integrity, Power Integrity.

28 Gbps ~ 56 Gbps SERDES Simulations are Frequent. Frequency Domain (S-Parameter) & Time Domain (Waveform) Analysis.

Intelligent AI Software & Hardware Solution.


A real-time smart video security survellance solution.

Caliber Interconnects's Machine Monitor Software For Employee Productivity Management.

Pro Focus - Machine Monitor

The machine monitoring process is a solution that leveraging deployment of software on each machine. Real-time data is consistently gathered on every device and from every user.

Let Robots Handle The Mobility For You.

Autonomous Mobile Robot

Caliber Interconnects has launched a new autonomous mobile robot (AMRs) designed to automate material handling processes in manufacturing, commercial and healthcare industries.