An Intelligent automation tool for swift Testflow generation is now available for download Click here 

An Intelligent automation tool for swift Testflow generation is now available for download Click here 

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Post Silicon Validation

Caliber Interconnect solutions is one of the leading providers of test services for semiconductor ICs with a myriad of end-use applications such as: communication, consumer electronics, automobile, security, industrial and medical. Our experience working across multiple industry has enabled us to develop bespoke processes to aid in the rapid test bring up to reduce the time to market and the cost. We offer a wide range of offerings under one roof to provide customers with the full-turnkey manufacturing solutions including: ATE Interface, Wafer sorting, packaging solutions, Test engineering solutions, Post production support etc,. Additionally, we have cultivated relationship with service partners across strategic locations in the world including in Taiwan, Vietnam, China to enhance our value offerings and provide seamless support to customers which include Bump, FAN-In and FAN-Out WLCSP, 3D Embedded Substrate Manufacturing and Burn-In.

Embedded Product Engineering

Caliber Embedded engineers with our technology innovation and unique combination of expertise in Embedded Hardware, Embedded Software, PCB design and mechanical design, provide end-to-end product engineering solutions from product design to production for leading product companies, service providers and aspiring start-ups.

Our product engineering team is led by high Caliber engineering professionals experienced in Embedded Product design having decades of hands on experience in delivering multiple products to the global market. With our Customer Focus and in-depth understanding of technology, We strive hard continuously to shorten the design cycle so that our customers address the window of opportunity ahead of competition. This is backed by our efficient use of tools, matured process and systems. We are specialized in providing Product Engineering Solutions to IOT and Wearable Devices, Railways and Industrial Products, Automotive and Energy Solutions.

Package Design

Caliber offers IC package design services for package design technologies such as flip-chip, wire-bond, stacked-die, System-in-Package (SiP), Package-on-package (PoP), Package-in-Package (PiP), Chip-scale-package (CSP) and other vertical space transformers (MLO/MLC) meant for ATE testing applications. We offer package solutions for high-speed digital ICs, mixed-signal ICs and RFIC products. Package design has become very complex with ever increasing data - rates and shrinking IC fabrication process technology (40nm, 28nm, 20nm, 12nm etc). This requires high degree of expertise and careful signal integrity & power integrity analysis within IC/Package co - design environment.

SI/PI Simulation

The interconnects operating at high frequency and fast switching rates demand SI analysis for right design at first time. Caliber Interconnect's SI engineers are having strong knowledge in SI theory and expertise in simulation tools to analyze various SI/PI issues like reflection due to impedance mismatch, crosstalk, signal attenuation and PDN noise which affects the interconnect performance. The analysis is carried out in two phase, the pre and post layout analysis. Planning the stack-up for controlled impedance, dielectric material selection for high frequency operation, I/O buffer selection from different drive strength, topology optimization, termination strategy, routing specifications(Trace width, spacing and length matching) and floor planning for critical components are various sections in pre-layout analysis.

HDI Interconnect Design

Caliber delivers high quality Printed Circuit Board design (PCB design) for the given schematic and design inputs on aggressive schedule for a competitive cost. Our end-to-end solution driven design approach resolves issues encountered in designing high speed PCB of fast switching high clock speeds. Our proven board design processes and methodologies enables us to deliver the complex PCB board design on time to our customers. Our experienced board designers having extensive knowledge in solving issues like transmission line effect, EMI and Crosstalk. The HDI design team is supported by a team of electrical simulation specialists ensures that the design overcomes all critical signal issues to function effectively. We have long term relationship with selected group of PCB fab and assembly house to support your prototype and volume requirements.

Glimpse of Our Ingenuity

We are a Product Engineering Company with a proven track record of offering Integrated product engineering solutions for major global players of diverse industries like Semiconductor, Avionics, Railways, Industrial, IOT (Internet of Things).